About DBR Currency

Mission Statement

Our goal is to delight you with a variety of rare US paper money and great service.

What is DBR Currency?

DBR Currency LLC is the passion of Dave and Brenda Rickey. We are recognized dealers and collectors, at one point possessing over 93% of all possible large-size Friedberg numbers. We made a splash in October 2005 with Lyn Knight's auction known simply as the "Rickey Sale." The Rickey brand has come to mean superb customer service, and a great selection of U.S. and World currency.

We are active in the U.S. currency hobby, especially in the following segments:

  • USA Small-sized and national bank notes.
  • World paper money
  • Special serial numbers, i.e. binaries, birthdays, #1 notes, etc.

Useful Features of this website

We have added several features which collectors will find attractive:

  • You can sort data easily - sort by date added, Friedberg number, serial number, denom, etc.
  • You can enter any part of a serial number, and the site will find all notes with those numbers.
  • You can enlarge any image, and zoom in, out and around the image.
  • We offer contemporary and useful commentary in our Market Analysis tab.

In addition to this website, we also buy and sell currency privately, through auction houses, and on eBay.
Our user ID on eBay is "dbrcurrency."

Thanks for visiting,
Dave and Brenda


We are firm believers in the "golden rule" - do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We strive for the highest possible ethics.

DBR Code of Conduct:

  1. We don't want to "pawn" notes off on you - we want you to be delighted when you deal with DBR Currency.
  2. We do not shill anything, anywhere, for anybody.
  3. We do not try to "recover" credit-card or paypal fees with excessive shipping and handling charges.
  4. We often use third-party graders (TPGs), but when we don't, we attempt to render an accurate grade.

Return Policy

We have a 7-day unconditional return policy.